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Army Special Forces Green Beret's Running For UNITED STATES SENATE

Many Patriots and Fellow Special Operations Veterans and Veterans for that matter are stepping up in Primary's across the Country to run for Federal Office.  Yes only a select few will advance to the General Elections, but here are 2 Green Beret's running for US SENATE you need to be aware of. If you ask anyone in or around Third Special Forces Group about the Good Brigadier General from New Hampshire? Your likely to hear nothing but amazing things. This man epitomizes "Leadership and Strength moving forward." I would love the opportunity to introduce a Horse Soldier from just after 911 the one and only Brigadier General Don Bolduc. Don Bolduc on JOCKO. US ARMY Brigadier General Don Bolduc General Bolduc " WEBSITE HERE " is running for US Senate for the 2nd time in the State of New Hampshire. We at SOF PAC and the Community at large support him entirely with out hesitation. He is a good man and has the best intentions for helping Conservatives within the Uni
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Navy SEAL Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Goes To MEXICO

Missouri Governor Navy SEAL Eric Greitens Goes To Mexico Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Films Illegal Border Crossings Into USA Fed up with the Democrats White washing and national media ignoring the Crisis at our Southern Border with Mexico? Eric Greitens takes a film crew across the Rio Grande to film from the other side. Filiming the Reality most Democrats and RINO Establishment Republicans in Congress and the White House want Americans to ignore.   Navy SEAL and Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Goes To Mexico to film the Illegal Border Crossings happening 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Picking up ID's of Middle Eastern Illegal Border Crossers who could easily be Al Qaeda or ISIS Fighters.  What Greitens found should scare every American. The Videos on this page represent the sad reality at our US Mexico Border. Children are being trafficked and so are vulnerable people. And let us not forget our border is becoming a gateway for Middle Eastern Radicals who are hell

Army Special Forces Green Beret's Running For Congress 2022

  Green Beret's Running For Congress Complete MUSTER/List of all Army Special Forces Green Beret's Running For Congress 2022 According to our research there are currently 10 Army Special Forces Green Beret's running in Primary's across the United States. This is according to our records from fellow Brothers and Team Mates. Literally a few day's ago one of our Brothers was chatting with a friend and Green Beret about the fella's who have stepped up to run for office by email. Interestingly this Green Beret is one of the Founders of 18 Series Bags. And has previously listed and written a post on the Green Berets who have stepped up to run in the Primary for US HOUSE in their districts. Read the original Article/ Blog Post Here ! IF WE HAVE MISSED ANY GREEN BERET? MESSAGE US FOR CORRECTION The Complete List of Green Berets Running In Primary's 2022 Michael Waltz Let's be real honest for a second, Michael Waltz is the first Green Beret elected to Federal Of

Green Beret's Stepping Up To Run For US Congress BreitBart Story

GREEN BERETS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS Link To Full Breitbart Story & AUDIO Interviews Green Beret veterans Derrick Anderson, Tyler Allcorn, and Tony Cowden gave exclusive interviews with Breitbart News to discuss their respective congressional campaigns. Anderson, an A-Team leader in the Green Berets who served five deployments in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon, is running for Congress in Virginia’s seventh congressional district. _ All Green Beret's Running For Congress Below Jay Collins Joe Kent Tony Cowden Tony Allcorn Derrick Anderson Christian Castelli Jason Bacon Michael Waltz

Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Grieten's On Steve Bannon's Show War Room

Eric Greiten's On Steve Bannon’s War Room | Missouri Senate Candidate Navy SEAL  President Trump Didn't catch Navy SEAL Eric Greiten's on Steve Bannon's War Room Today?  Watch it below. Missouri Senate Candidate responds to Steve Bannon’s War Room Show about President Trump looking closely at the field of Senate Candidates from Missouri to Pennsylvania. Navy SEAL Eric Greitens is out front in the polls in Missouri.  President Trump looks closer Lt who he will endorse in Missouri we all know Eric Greitens will get the endorsement. We all know it’s gonna happen. We as a Team have Endorsed our Navy SEAL brother for his senate campaign. #MAGA #navyseals #Missouri #trumpnews


HELP US SUPPORT OUR AMERICAN PATRIOTS & VETERAN HERO'S!!! The SOF PAC mission is our Duty plain and simple. We have been active in giving Financial Support & Campaign Support to our Veteran Brothers running for Federal Office. All support is from our own pockets at this time. We plan in the future to have a loyal audience to accept donations. It must be understood that have at least a dozen SOF Veterans on our list so please know we are doing our best. You can help the mission by spreading the word!! And VIDEOS and Liking our Instagram page.  Here are the Men we have supported up to this point.  Jay Collins - Green Beret - Tampa Florida Mike Egan - Dallas Area Texas - Green Beret Ryan Zinke - Trump endorsed Navy SEAL - Montana Eric Greitens - Trump associated Navy SEAL Missouri US Senate Derrick Anderson - Green Beret & Attorney Virginia Our Personal Support To Each Campaign have gone to the Mens Campaigns. Thank you for supporting the Men! We are America First Supporte

Army Special Forces Green Beret Derrick Anderson Announces Candidacy For Congress | Viriginia's 7th District

 Attorney & Green Beret Combat Veteran Derrick Andersen  Announcing Candidacy For US Congress on Fox News Army Special Forces Green Beret Announcing Candidacy Army Special Forces Green Beret Captain &  Attorney Derrick Andersen announces his candidacy for United States Congress. Virginia’s 7th district. Help us support this Fellow American Patriot and conservative SOF Veteran Brother.  Donate at his campaign website. Derrick is a Conservative and Prominent Attorney. We support his Candidacy and will follow up with a Endorsement from our Brothers on a Additional Page including our IG Page. Please go check out Captain Andersen's Online Campaign Website and join us in making Donations. The Sof Pac Team!